Krista D

I never really believed the saying that people enter your life at exactly the right time until I met Darryl. Darryl was an absolute blessing in my life when I didn’t know what to do and really needed someone to help. I was given the opportunity to potentially purchase a business that I had been running for the owners for quite some time. It all seemed like an amazing opportunity and the right move, but I always had some hesitation with some red flags I was aware of.

Prior to meeting Darryl, I had weeks of calls with the owners discussing the opportunity. When I brought Darryl on board, we were ready to write a Purchase Agreement. This is a unique situation, but long story short, everything had to be done super quickly with limited notice. Darryl came up with an amazing 30 page agreement with great clauses, terms, and purchase agreement points, something I would have never known how to do. The next few weeks brought lots of emails that went back and forth and negotiation and a few phone calls. Darryl helped with everything and always worded everything so carefully and perfectly. I was totally exhausted after what had now been months of communication with the owners while still doing my job full time in the busiest season with all of this going on privately behind the scenes. We had one more phone call with the owners in the final round of negotiations, and I asked Darryl if he could be on it with me to help ask them questions about the things they were unwilling to provide and their reasoning behind it and to just basically take over the conversation from me, as I was mentally done with negotiating. It’s safe to say I was not dealing with the easiest person in the world, and Darryl without any prior knowledge of what these people were like on a phone call, was perfect and helped me so much through an hour of back and forth between the owners and myself. He knew exactly what to say in a very neutral manner in a very difficult situation. After that phone call, Darryl told me he had no idea how I worked for the last few years with these people and he told me, and I will never forget this, “some of the best deals you make in life are the deals you walk away from.” I finally had someone be honest with me and confirm what my gut instincts were so long ago which I was so appreciative of. It’s hard in this world to find people who are truly looking out for you and your best interests, and that is exactly what Darryl did for me. Once he told me that, I knew this was done, we would be walking away from the deal, but he had to strategize how to best go about that so that we wouldn’t be sued for rescinding our counter offer, so we had one more week of back and forth which Darryl helped immensely with and we were finally able to collapse our offer which was a blessing and the best possible outcome in this unique situation.

Even after this deal ended, Darryl offered to help us with anything we needed moving forward, anything at all! Myself and my business partner recently opened our own business and Darryl is still helping and consulting us with anything we need. He always answers us so quickly and is very knowledgeable about everything and gives the best insight. I cannot thank Darryl enough for being so amazing throughout such a difficult time. I am so grateful for everything he has done for me and may have been in a whole different situation if it wasn’t for him. I think we all can use someone like Darryl in our lives for any kind of business consulting. He is a true gem and I only wish I met him sooner. I will definitely be referring him to anyone in need of his services in the future.

Darryl is friendly, honest, knowledgeable, an expert negotiator, and the best business shark (the good kind) I have ever met. Thank you so much Darryl, I truly don’t think there is any way I can thank you enough for everything you have done over the past few months. You are amazing!